How to Repair an Exhaust Leak DIY (No Welding)

Sep 11, 2021
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Is your exhaust leaking? Fumes getting into the car? Is your exhaust loud? Learn how to repair a leaking exhaust without a welder to make it quieter. This is a really simple process using common hand tools.

Tail Pipe Expander:
Reciprocating Saw:
Exhaust couplers:
Exhaust Clamp:
Exhaust RTV:
Extractor Set:
MAP Gas:
Penetrating Fluid:
Common Hand tools:

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  • Video idea: Create a small vacuum leak and show us how to diagnose and locate it with the blue driver.

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    Aura ElucidatorAura Elucidator5 hours ago
  • Great video as usual. Would you be willing to do a video on tires? I’m currently checking out new tires for my Toyota RAV4 (2017) and the choices are crazy. From Touring to highway and beyond. Would love to get your thoughts on brands too. Thanks for all the great videos.

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  • Awesome! Great video. I am confident I can do my exhaust now! I may need experts though... 2.4L Ecotech with cracked exhaust manifold and failing flex joint like the Jag! Oh and it has CA emissions so has 2 air pumps in front of the manifold. Yay. Wish me luck!!!!

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  • Vivirás en una zona con mucho barro o que le echan sal a las carreteras, porque todos los coches que grabas están muy oxidados, donde yo vivo los coches por lo general están impolutos de óxido, sin sal en las carreteras a parte de que es un clima semiseco. Saludos y buen trabajo.

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